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Jasper leopard - bead mineral - FI 6 mm
Jasper leopard - bead mineral - FI 6 mm
Jasper leopard - bead mineral - FI 6 mm
Jasper leopard - bead mineral - FI 6 mm

Jasper leopard - bead mineral - FI 6 mm

Healing minerals and semi-precious gemstones X-MOMO

Do you have your jewelry ideas? Do you want to have your unique jewelry that no one will have besides you? We offer a wide range of free mineral stones in different sizes. All you have to do is select and produce your unique jewel, which recharges you with positive energy and accompanies you every day.

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Jasper leopard
- He was considered a stone of forest gods
- protects against sudden events and helps their owner to correctly perceive and understand
- Boosts subconscious
- He tries to act on his bearer to lead a wise and humble life
- Promotes in man the idea that what should take priority in life is home.
- offers help during conflicts that are inevitable in life
- In the mental plane, it helps with jasper when thinking quickly
- On the physical level, sexual pleasure is prolonged
- Provides assistance during long-term illnesses or hospitalization
- leopard jasper is considered as a cat protection

Medicinal effects (translates):
- reduces muscle spasm, problem swallowing
- specifically for organs with internal secretion
- removing toxins from the body
- Cure injured emotions after surviving work, family, or financial problems

The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.

These beads are particularly fragile due to their structure. When dropping from a height to a hard surface, they can break into small pieces. Beads are also susceptible to frequent knocking on, for example, a table, which can also cause them to be damaged. These beads and jewelery made from them are more suitable for exceptional wearing.

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