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Aventurine blue - bead mineral - FI 12 mm
Aventurine blue - bead mineral - FI 12 mm
Aventurine blue - bead mineral - FI 12 mm
Aventurine blue - bead mineral - FI 12 mm

Aventurine blue - bead mineral - FI 12 mm

Healing minerals and semi-precious gemstones X-MOMO

Do you have your jewelry ideas? Do you want to have your unique jewelry that no one will have besides you? We offer a wide range of free mineral stones in different sizes. All you have to do is select and produce your unique jewel, which recharges you with positive energy and accompanies you every day.

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Product information

Monthly Stone
- its color connects us with the emotional, sensible and dreamy part of our Ja
- it gives us access to our deepest feeling and helps us to accept them
- helps to cure an unsatisfactory emotional life and brings harmony to life
- contains the strength of the Moon, symbol of femininity and fertility
- helps women with infertility problems
- Men help to reconcile their female personality
- is considered as a protective stone on the road
- the ideal stone for new beginnings

Therapeutical use (translated)
- used to harmonize the lymphatic system and to support the mucus flow
- when kneading the nodes is attached directly to the affected site (after such use, however, should be cleaned, recharge with sunlight and leave some time to rest)
- used for hormonal disorders
- Monthly stone mainly in women ensures hormonal balance, helps with menstrual problems
- has a positive effect on fertility
- it is also used for growth disorders

Bracelets are made to order according to your wishes. Please be patient to be patient if we delay production.

  • The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.
  • Since it is a natural material, a deviation of bead size of +/- 0.5 mm is possible.
  • Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.
  • All the semi-precious beads you see in the figures are unique, so be careful about the slight differences in color or the bead structure actually.

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