Pendant Angel of Minerals - light hematite and lapis lazuli
Pendant Angel of Minerals - light hematite and lapis lazuli
Pendant Angel of Minerals - light hematite and lapis lazuli
Pendant Angel of Minerals - light hematite and lapis lazuli

Pendant Angel of Minerals - light hematite and lapis lazuli

Designer necklaces X-MOMO

Hand-made pendant in the shape of an angel is a unique gift that your loved one can say everything. Whether you choose any gemstone from which the angel made, know that will please every soul. The choice of using the stones of their choice.


Product information

The diameter of the beads used on the photo: 1 x Fi 10 mm, 1 x Fi 8 mm

- particularly effective at grounding and as a protective stone
- balances body, mind and spirit
- in peace, peace, peace and harmony
- acts particularly beneficial in situations connected with law and law
- Helps shy women, improves self-confidence and ability to survive
- adds greater will to life and develops reliability
- It also increases credibility
- removes the limitations previously set by its owner and encourages personality development
- protects against bad thoughts
Therapeutical use:
- hematite promotes red blood cell production
- Hematite water regulates insufficient kidney function
- hematite also helps with irregular menstruation and pain related disorders
- it is also recommended for blood clots and for help in stopping bleeding
- helps with weaknesses and complements our vitality
- The hematite inserted under the pillow is used for restful sleep

Lapis Lazuli
- is a protective stone that allows you to connect with your spiritual guides
- Identify the threat of a mental attack, stop the adverse effects and return the attacking energy back to its source
- Determines the power of words spoken and can reverse the misfortune or correct imbalances caused in the past by silence
- lapis lazuli opens the third eye and maintains the balance of the crown chakra
- helps to achieve the state of enlightenment, facilitates evocation and interpretation of dreams and increases mental capabilities
- Allows spiritual paths and stimulates personal and spiritual strength
- lapis lazuli works as an effective brain enhancer
- Stimulates the higher ability of the mind, brings an objective and clearly clear view
- Supports the development of personality, creativity through their attunement to a source of knowledge
- lapis lazuli helps you deal with the truth no matter where you find it and accept everything you learn
Therapeutic use:
- Suppress pain, especially migraines and headaches
- helps overcome depression
- beneficial effects on respiratory and nervous system, neck, vocal cords, thyroid, body detoxification organs, bone marrow, infant kidney and immune system
- Helps repair hearing damage and cleanse blood
- acts against insomnia and dizziness
- reduces blood pressure

  • Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.
  • All the semi-precious beads you see in the figures are unique, so be careful about the slight differences in color or the bead structure actually.
  • The pendant is normally supplied without a chain or other fabric.
  • Since it is a natural material, a deviation of bead size of +/- 0.5 mm is possible.

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