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Bracelet - rose quartz - Ø FI 4 mm
Bracelet - rose quartz - Ø FI 4 mm
Bracelet - rose quartz - Ø FI 4 mm
Bracelet - rose quartz - Ø FI 4 mm

Bracelet - rose quartz - Ø FI 4 mm

Branded bracelets X-MOMO

To decorate your wrist while doing something for your health, this model is created for you. An ideal choice for you are bracelets made of semi-precious stones.

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Rose quartz
- the blessing has been long since ancient times and worn as a stone of friendship and love.
- the rosary in us, with its soft pink tones, awakens the feelings of gentleness, lust and friendship
- helps a lousy lover to show off her feelings and open everything sensibly
- considered to be the strongest stone in terms of love, beauty and healing
- also wake up self-confidence, self-esteem and perception of self-worth
- is excellent in overcoming the middle age crisis
- By wearing bridesmaids we get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
- teaches to forgive themselves and others
- Blush helps to find happiness in love
- Artichoke is a stone of artists
- especially suitable for small children. It protects them and helps them to develop properly
- helps to express your feelings externally
- It enhances inspiration and creativity
- Improves visualization capabilities
- makes us more patient and wiser
- He's our guard on the way
- shows us true love
Medicinal effects (translates):
- Pink energy promotes blood vessels around the heart, helping to clean body organs
- Strengthens the vitality of the sexual organs and supposedly increases fertility
- helps with anorexia, because it promotes self-esteem and self-acceptance
- Supports kidney and adrenal disease after illness
- Reduces wrinkles and generally suppresses symptoms of aging
- Helps with headache, especially migraine type
- suppresses depression, throat problems, ear pain

Bracelets are made to order according to your wishes. Please be patient to be patient if we delay production.

  •      Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.
  •      All the semi-precious beads you see in the figures are unique, so be careful about the slight differences in color or the bead structure actually.

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