CLON - Náramok na ruku - názov kameňa - Ø FI XY mm

Bracelet - howlit white - Ø FI 8 mm

Branded bracelets X-MOMO

To decorate your wrist while doing something for your health, this model is created for you. An ideal choice for you are bracelets made of semi-precious stones.

Bracelet length

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- it appears to be an extremely calming stone
- if you put it under the pillow, it acts as an excellent means of insomnia, especially if it is caused by an overactive mind
- helps with out-of-body travel and past life
- howlit gives a verbal expression of ambitions - both spiritual and material - and helps in their fulfillment
- In the mental plane, he teaches patience and at the same time suppresses anger along with uncontrollable anger
- It helps to overcome exaggerated selfishness and criticality
- strengthens positive features
- Allows peaceful and rational communication
- It is a memory-enhancing stone and a stirring desire for knowledge
- howlit can seduce broken emotions, especially those who have roots in past lives
Medicinal effects:
- howlit brings relief to insomnia
- maintains calcium balance in the body
- It contributes to the good condition of teeth, bones and soft tissues
- you can make a useful gemstone essence

Bracelets are made to order according to your wishes. Please be patient to be patient if we delay production.

  • Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.
  • All the semi-precious beads you see in the figures are unique, so be careful about the slight differences in color or the bead structure actually.
  • The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.

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