Pendant Angel of Minerals - Golden Aventurine (Sunstone)
Pendant Angel of Minerals - Golden Aventurine (Sunstone)
Pendant Angel of Minerals - Golden Aventurine (Sunstone)
Pendant Angel of Minerals - Golden Aventurine (Sunstone)

Pendant Angel of Minerals - Golden Aventurine (Sunstone)

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Hand-made pendant in the shape of an angel is a unique gift that your loved one can say everything. Whether you choose any gemstone from which the angel made, know that will please every soul. The choice of using the stones of their choice.


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The diameter of the beads used on the photo: 1 x Fi 10 mm, 1 x Fi 8 mm

- a stone that is very positive about everything that is related to prosperity and property
- used to protect gardens or homes from geopathic zones
- an adventurer you carry with you, absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollutants
- if you attach it to your mobile phone, it also provides protection against the radiation coming out of it
- on the body side, it will help to create a pleasant state of balance
- regulates the growth of children from birth to seventy years
- maintains a balance between male and female energy and stimulates the regeneration of the heart
- stone helps against stuttering and severe neuroses because it facilitates understanding of the problems that are behind these disorders
- helps to relieve anger and irritation
- It stimulates the emotions and helps us to stay in the heart of another person
Medicinal effects (translates):
- adventurin works favorably on the thyroid gland, ensures connectivity of the tissue to the nervous system
- Helps maintain balance of blood pressure and stimulates metabolism
- reduces cholesterol, prevents arteriosclerosis and allergies
- Helps relieve migraine and has a beneficial effect on the eyes
- adventurin treats adrenal glands, lungs, cavities, heart and muscle and urogenital system

  • Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.
  • All the semi-precious beads you see in the figures are unique, so be careful about the slight differences in color or the bead structure actually.
  • The pendant is normally supplied without a chain or other fabric.
  • Since it is a natural material, a deviation of bead size of +/- 0.5 mm is possible.

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